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Highlights from 'Pluven' millinery exhibition - April 7-13th 2015

Selected pieces from Holly's collection of occasion-wear hats, bridal head pieces, and commissioned accessories for her eclectic clientele were on display at The Polytechnic society Falmouth over Easter week.

Named 'Pluven' meaning Feather in Cornish because of Holly's passion for feather work, we were able to travel through the narrative of conception to creation; from the natural inspirations with a British heritage twist, to the furniture and tools creating an in-situ studio process, to the fantastical and elegant headwear displayed for perusal.

But don't worry if you missed out, the event has been summarized bellow and in the following photos.
Holly young bespoke milliner cornwall

A whimsical woodland flower display, intertwined with headpieces atop sculptural birch and steel stands...

British springtime flowers were collected and curated by local florist Marisa Martin in a range of vintage medicine bottles inherited from Holly's chemist Grandfather.
Upon entering, one was met with a sort of natural opulence - a fusion of eucalyptus scent, sculptural and fresh flora, an array of hues and qualities of the headpieces.

Throughout the exhibition there was a great deal of sparkling, buzzing conversation, curiosity and compliments from visitors. Millinery, floristry and sculpture joined in a riveting visual display striking a chord between the natural and the man-made.

If milliners are the sculptors of the fashion world, then this exhibition really epitomised what that can mean. With many comments that they are art pieces in their own right, as well as key statement pieces in an outfit, the question was raised; does one tailor the hat to the outfit or vice versa?!
With a visit to Holly's studio in Truro, you can collaborate on an answer to this intriguing question - whatever the event you may require a piece for...

elegent ladies hat for a wedding

purple hat for a wedding or races



cream and ivory hat for wedding races

women at millinery party

fowers by marisa martin



creaft exhibitions cornwall artists

sculptural hat art designers cornwall

hat maker cornwall ladies hats

millinery exhibition hats cornwall


flower crown for mother of the bride

feather buttonholes woodland style





emily hankins cake maker cornwall


crystal lily fashion blogger

modern vintage bride and groom style

peacock feather fascinator

black and white hat for the races or wedding




large pink and ivory hat mother of the bride

exhibitions at the poly falmouth

With Special thanks to Simon Stallard, Nik Prisk, Zak the welder, Marisa Martin, Karen Martin, Beehive Bars, Emma Griffin, Jezebel Peters, Hannah Jordan, Lydia Conway, Sarah Alexandra, Kip Kaeolor, Crystal Lily, Jen Ailes, Natasha Easterbrook, Sinead Kelly, Tegen Foote, Helen Young and all of the staff and volunteers at The Poly.