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bespoke hair accessories & hats Bespoke

Why Work With Holly?

There are several reasons to hire a professional when it comes to creating headwear, hats and turning heads in general.  But truth be told, many people don’t even think of hiring someone to create something bespoke for the same reason that lots of people don’t consider hiring someone to make them a dress… because they just don’t think of it as an option.  And if it were an option it probably wouldn’t appear a very affordable one.  So most people visit the boutiques and find themselves a dress there that is truly beautiful (even though sometimes it might not fit everything they are looking for) and usually they will find a pretty headpiece, tiara, veil or hair accessory there also. There are also lots of options for nice headpieces online and on the high street so why go bespoke? 

Exclusive to You

The number one reason is this: you’ll never come across another person wearing that headpiece.  The number one issue with buying from a shop is that you’ll see that particular design on other brides, maybe even those wearing the same dress.  When you work with a milliner, you’re guaranteed something exclusive to you that nobody else owns and that will truly be testament to your personal style and a design that we co-create in unison.

A Forever Piece

A made-for-you piece tells a real story so it’s usually something clients cherish forever, a hand-me-down or family heirloom.  People always talk about keeping their dress for their daughter in the future but the reality is, your daughter will most likely have her own style and be a different size not to mention want to wear something of a different fashion (those with mothers who wore 1970s high neck creations will know what I mean!)  However, with something like a headpiece, this is much more likely to be something your daughter will wear, something that has meaning and can influence her look but not detract from her own wedding day style. 

Tailored to You

A bespoke headpiece is made for you in a way that one from a boutique will never be.  You can buy some beautiful pieces from some wonderful brands but at the end of the day, many of these are factory made.  When you buy bespoke from a milliner you’re getting something hand crafted to suit your dress, your hairstyle, face shape, colour scheme etc.  Every detail of the occasion will be considered and it’s this that makes it so special.  It’s made entirely to be worn by you and only you.

Quality of Materials

You can rest assured that the materials, the stitching and the attention-to-detail are all second to none. I take so much time sourcing the pieces to make each personal item.  Whether this be locally sourced feathers, the just-right shade of rouge birdcage veiling or perhaps something that has meaning to you, your grandmothers brooch or a piece of lace from the dress your mother wore, everything is the finest and is hand selected to pair with your fantasy.

Wear Something with Meaning

It’s wonderful to look stylish, gorgeous and glam for your special occasion but imagine being able to wear something that not only looks incredible but has special meaning and has been created especially for you.  You might want something fun and flamboyant or something elegant and understated.  You might want to encapsulate a certain era or even incorporate a particular material (peacock feathers for a wedding at Pentillie perhaps?).  The choice is yours and a milliner will work entirely to your look and your brief.  Whether pretty princess or glam goddess is the order of the day, your outfit will be utterly completed by the addition of a bespoke piece.

And when it comes to the cost of couture, bespoke doesn’t always signal big bucks.  Pieces range depending on size and scale, materials and millinery hours required.  All I can recommend is to get in touch, it’s completely complimentary to have a style consultation and talk over your look and to get a feel for how I work.  Please take a look at the testimonials page for client feedback.

How to commission a hat or headpiece, there are two ways that generally work for me:

Option 1

Commission a design in the existing collection in your bespoke colours, or make a slight amendment.

The price will usually remain within the same ball park depending on additional materials and time. If you are not local to cornwall I will send you colour swatces by post, email updates and photos as to how your piece is progressing.

This is a good option if you are short on time as the process tends to be a lot quicker (depending on demand at the time).

Option 2

1. Book an appointment HERE to have an informal chat in the studio, or via facetime, with me. If you are not able to visit the studio in person you can exchange photos of ideas via email or Pinterest. 

2. On your first appointment, ideas, materials, shape and colour will be discussed. You will be fully involved in this enjoyable process – I will use your ideas and work out a design that’s best for you.
Bring your outfit and any inspirational images you may have collected – but if you have no idea that’s fine too! Expect to spend around half an hour to forty minutes in the studio.

If you are happy with the ideas a 50% deposit is required to proceed.

3. I will work on the commission to a halfway stage and invite you back for a fitting. This ensures the headpiece sits correctly on your head and suits your face. There is also an opportunity to make any minor design adjustments before completion.

4- Final fitting – collection and payment of the remaining 50%.
Ideally a minimum of 6 weeks is needed to make the perfect head piece or hat. However if you don’t have this long please enquire and I will do my best to accommodate you. An express option may be available for some designs for an additional fee to cover quick delivery of materials.

Bespoke Prices Guideline

  • Bridal headpieces and accessories start at £150

  • Fascinators and headpieces start at £175 and can go up to £375 depending on design and materials

  • Brimmed Hats and large saucers start at £350

  • Hand dyed-to-match feathers cost £50 per colour
  • Alterations and repairs to existing hats are £40 per hour plus materials (minimum fee £40)