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FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

Ordering: Q. My event is this weekend but it says your delivery time is one to two weeks. Can I still order?

A. Get in touch with me via Phone – 07968 783320- or email If I am able to make your accessory in less time I will.

Ordering: Q. I like a design but I want it in a different colour. What do I do?

A. Get in touch and tell me the style or name of the design and which colour you want it to match. I can send you images and, for most materials, fabric swatches of the colours available. Alternatively, you can send me a sample of fabric or even a paint card to show me. For very specific colours I offer a dye-to-match service for which I charge an additional £50.

Ordering: Q. What if my purchase arrives and I don’t like it / it doesn’t match my outfit?

A. If it is one of my standard designs you are able to return it within 14 days of the arrival date. However, if it is a bespoke design (which means in a unique colour or with specific design details) it is up to my discretion as to whether it is returnable. If I can adapt it to make it more suitable, I may do this free of charge or for a nominal fee depending on the requirement.

Workshops:Q. I want to book a hen party date but I haven’t collected the money off all of the hens yet.

A. You only need to pay a deposit of 50% of the cost of the party on booking. The remainder is to be paid on the day of the workshop. Please note that the deposit secures your date and is non refundable.

Workshops:Q. I don’t know exactly how many people want to do the workshop.

A. If you don’t know the exact number of hens that will be taking part don’t worry, I can just invoice the deposit for the minimum amount of places and then add the cost of the extra places to the final payment. Please note that I will need final numbers no later than two weeks before the workshop date.

Workshops:Q. I have booked for ten people but only eight want to come.

A. If you let me know within two weeks of the workshop date you will not be charged for the remaining 50% for their place. Any people who drop out within two weeks will need to pay the full price for the workshop. If you are unsure of numbers to start off with it may be better to book for the minimum amount of hens and then add extra spaces later.

Opening Times: Q. Do you have a shop I can come and see the hats in?

A. I have a working studio with all of my hats and headpieces on display. However you must pre-arrange an appointment as I can be very busy and my opening times do vary. Simply call me on 07968783320 before making your trip. 

Sizing:Q. How do I measure my head?

A. Use a tape measure wrapped level around your head, just above your ears and across the forehead (at the widest part). Use a mirror or a friend to ensure you are measuring in a parallel line. The tape measure must be taught but not tight. You can let me know in either cms or inches. If you require assistance please get in touch.

Bespoke Orders: Q. I need a hat for an event but I don't know if I've left it too late to get one made!

A. It's always worth getting in touch to see if I can fit you in. Each design varies depening on the materials and techniques involved in making them.