Collaboration with Jade Berry Photography

Jade Berry is a bright new star in the world of portrait and fashion photography. Her work is inspired by coming of age, dreams and freedom. She focuses on the beauty of nostalgia, finding inspiration from everyday life and surroundings. I saw a dark beauty in her work and wanted her to capture that raw reality with my pieces. We teamed up with Jade and creative hair stylist, Joanne Innis of Gold bird hair design, for this rustic photo shoot. She captured natural the feel of my designs beautifully and gave them a refreshing honesty. She explains how she did this below:

''When Holly asked me to create a Lookbook, I took the opportunity to bring her products to life. As Holly uses real bird feathers for her pieces I wanted to bring that back to its origins. Using woodlands and lakes, where birds would loiter. Keeping it British with the weather and use of light. Also evoking the feeling of a wild, untamed princess by the use of crowns and vintage clothing, to create an enchanted tale.''

A word from Jo:
''Through my craft and experience I like to meet new people.
Holly Young's headwear, personally for myself, to be able to work with these beguiling and charming pieces means I can express art in what I do ,to be able to create. Bringing elements together and my passion for what I do.
To see more work from these creative talents visit:
Instagram @joanneinnis @jadeberryphotography

With special thanks to models Ella Barrett and Lucie Donlan.