Our own wedding story Holly & Nik Part 1: The Morning

holly-and-nick-37I wanted to share pictures from my wedding with you, firstly to hopefully inspire you and help promote all the amazing creatives who made it all happen and secondly for selfish reasons as I’m so proud of what we achieved! The day was so truly magical for me I just want to relive it all over again.

I hadn’t slept a wink that night, all the anticipation and almost surreal-ness that tomorrow was MY ACTUAL wedding day kept me from dropping off….
After a morning dip in the sea with my bridesmaids we were ready to be beautified by dream team Jo Innis of Gold Bird Hair Design and Natasha Flower Make up Artist. My bridesmaids organized a healthy breakfast of muesli, yoghurt, fruit and crumpets although I could hardly eat with the nerves.
Danny my amazing friend arrived to start capturing the day on his camera. Because he’s my friend I felt 100% comfortable with him there and was able to forget about the camera, despite being a in small flat not designed for whole a bridal party!

Even though we live only down the road, we had rented a holiday let in Portscatho over looking the sea and right next door to the venue (so the boys could have our house and the girls could be pampered over looking the sea). We could even see the decorations going up on the balcony of the Harbour Club where we were to have the ceremony. As guests and my groom started arriving we had to shut the blinds! We were the first (and currently only) couple to have our ceremony there and the glass contains the names of all the people who had helped raise money to build it, including ours. Nik works just below it so it’s all very familiar to us, we wanted to celebrate with our friends and family in our beautiful local area.

Jo and Natasha were pure pros and as they cleared out spaces for their vast kit of beautification paraphernalia, I knew we were in good hands. They giggled with us, kept me calm and were very much part of the girl tribe, sharing our moment. As too were Charlotte (of Eve wedding planning) and Elle (of Elle inspire Hire), who flitted in and out of ‘Top Deck’ with various questions, instructions & smiles.
I dished out hair accessories to adorn them with, even charlotte’s team had floral hair bands and feather hair decorations.
Next it was Crouton’s turn to be made pretty, she was delivered by the dog walker just in time to have her special bridesmaids collar put on. She was on best behavior and loved all the attention she was getting!
Time was going very slowly for me but also very fast, like the air was viscous. I spent most of it feeling very hot and trying to counter that by drinking prosecco!...
The time had come to put my dress on! It was REAL..it was happening NOW!
Jo helped me put on my veil and hair accessories...pieces that I had been secretly creating for months in snatched evening hours whilst Nik was out cheffing, crouton my only witness.

Then, Elle, who I had spent a lot of time with on the days leading up, foraging for and collecting flowers (and whom we had just been watching construct a huge foliage arch on the balcony), turned up with THE most beautiful bouquets I could ever have imagined! Even though we had chosen the flowers together the arrangements were beyond my wildest dreams. Each bouquet contained flowers grown in the village, from a friend’s garden, from my garden, foliage from my cousin’s work at a eucalyptus plantation and general foraging by Elle.
She put them together so beautifully and the mint from my garden made them smell amazing!Our colour theme was all the colours you would find in a

Our colour theme was all the colours you would find in a sun rise and a sunset on the cornish coastline, vibrant orange, vivid pink, soft peach, rose gold, shimmering silver, soft grey, stormy dark blues and everything in between! This gave quite a lot of creative freedom as not everything had to match perfectly. I am very much a colour person so this gave way to a celebratory riot of colour amongst all of our decorations!
We were all almost ready to go…’Where’s Dad!?’ I asked the room. ‘At the Harbour Club having a pint’ Danny replied, ‘Typical, well go and get him, he’s needed!’… well at least it was only next door!
Farther dutifully turned up sporting his feather buttonhole brooch I had made for the men and an awful tie which I hadn’t thought about supervising!
Hey ho, it made it ‘him’ at least...Right time to go and get married then!!
.......to be continued.

Photography - Daniel Kingdom Gradwell
Hair - Gold Bird Hair Design
Make up - Natasha Flower
Veil & hair accessories - Holly Young Millinery (me obviously)
Wedding Dress - Bought from Needle & Thread, adapted and customised by me with help from Analise Harvey
Garter - Hand made by Anna D'Souza
Bridesmaids dresses - Oasis
Flowers & decor - Elle Inspire Hire
On the day co-ordination - Eve Wedding Design
Locations - 'Top Deck' by Roseland Holidays & The Harbour Club Portscatho