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Elopement wedding at Boho Cornwall

Craggy rocks and crashing waves isn’t your first idea of your average wedding. The romantic, hidden fantasy at Boho, Cornwall was the dream elopement by the sea for Caroline and James.

The bride wearing a blue feather headdress, ‘Aves’ made from ethically sourced macaw feathers, embellished with Swarovski crystals along with a matching ‘Molly’ hair clip to decorate her hair at the back. Her Manolo Blahnik shoes ties in the look gorgeously, while her dapper groom wore a matching button hole pin. Caroline was thrilled to find a fabulous headpiece in the perfect colours, with the buttonhole for James and her matching hair clip completed the look. 

Caroline and James chose Boho Cornwall for their elopement because they knew they wanted to elope, but they wished for breath-taking photos, seascapes and caves. ‘In reality it's more perfect than we could ever have imagined.’

Thomas Frost captured the dreamlike wedding of 2 (whitnessed by Tom and Maya owners of Boho ) with dramatic shots of the landscape and played with light and dark. Caroline says Tom was truly Epic! Part Photographer, Part Tour Guid, part Mountain Goat! The photos also reflected their love for Game of Thrones.

We love the way she has a simple dress and has made it her own with the addition of the brilliant blue accessories. Caroline says ‘I have always been a huge Sex and the City fan I knew I Had to have "Carries" shoes for my Wedding.’

The striking combination of colours which stand out from Thomas’ photographs really enhance the statement look.

We loved her jewellery and we asked her about it,

'My jewellery is made from Antique Solid Silver Cutlery. I up cycle it into beautiful, wearable pieces. I started with Spoon rings which have a history dating back to the 1700's. 

People who worked as servants in "Big Houses" and couldn't afford a wedding ring might "borrow" a silver spoon and have it made into a ring. There are records of people being imprisoned for the offence.'

We love the way that Caroline and James chose to completely do their own thing and you can see by the photographs that they had a truly special day together which they will treasure forever.

Words by Helaina Thomas 

Venue - https://www.bohocornwall.co.uk

Photography - http://thomasfrostphotography.com

Headdress Holly Young- http://bit.ly/2psJi0c

Hair clip Holly Young http://bit.ly/2quRICP

Dress - Phase Eight

Belt - Etsy

Shoes - manolo blahnik

Caroline’s Ring - https://www.facebook.com/kimstylesjewellery/

Caroline’s Cutlery Jewellery https://m.facebook.com/CraftedByCaroline/

Caroline’s Wrap - The Tartan Blanket Co

James’ Suit Victor Valentine https://www.facebook.com/victorvalentineuk/

James’ Ring - Etsy 

James’ Feather button hole https://www.hollyyoung.co.uk/Shop/Gents