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Ascot Dress Code 2023

Accessorise for Ascot

With Royal Ascot approaching, it’s a time of hat heaven and headpiece galore.  I love nothing more than creating headpieces that will accentuate the perfect Ascot outfit, although there are some rules that it’s worth being aware of. Read on to hear my top tips on all things Ascot related…


Royal for a Reason

Ascot was first set up by Queen Anne over 100 years ago and has been an annual event ever since.  The dress code has been set up by the Royal Family and when it comes to elegance, the Queen clearly knew her stuff.  Traditional, timeless and stylish have always been the order of the day. And we will certainly be glued to our screensthis to watch the royal parrade to see the styles worn this year by the Queen Consort, The Princess of Wales and the rest of the royal familly. 

Royal Enclosure - Enclosed Elegance

Speaking of elegance, when in the Royal Enclosure, ladies are asked to wear formal daywear.  This means that all skirts and dresses must be of a modest length (just above the knee or longer) and all dresses and tops must have a minimum of a one-inch strap (regardless of whether a jacket or pashmina is worn on top). 

If ladies wish to wear a trouser suit, this is a stylish option that absolutely has the seal of Ascot approval but must be full length and of matching material and colour (incredibly chic when paired with a matching headpiece to finish the look).

Hats should most certainly be worn or a headpiece (but these have to have a base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter.)  It’s worth noting that fascinators are not permitted and neither are headpieces without the correct size base.  Size absolutely matters when it comes to accessorising in Ascot style!

Queen Ann and Village Enclosures - Grand yet Glam

When in the main Grandstand, a hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times, with no size restriction.  Again, strapless or sheer straps are not permitted and trousers must be full length with a matching top in the same material.  No shorts and absolutely no belly flashing. Race goers are reminded that the village enclosure is a grassed area so practical shoes like wedges are more apporpreate.

Windsor Enclosure- Silver Style

In the Silver Ring, there is no formal dress code. Despite that, Ascot encourage racegoers to wear smart and stylish attire and Ascot is such a special occasion that it’s worth dressing to the nines, where else can you get away with being as glam and gorgeous as possible when you’re not either the bride or the Mother of the Bride?!

Fancy but Not Fancy Dress

Dressing fancy is one thing, fancy dress is another.  No fancy dress, novelty clothing or promotional outfits are allowed on site.  Individual cases will be addressed where discretion may be required but to sum up the style guide for this iconic event, keep it classy, make it modest, look your best and when it comes to hats for Ascot, bigger is always better! 

Hats Off

When it comes to dressing for Ascot, it can be a little overwhelming and intimidating choosing your outfit and accessories.  This is where a great milliner is worth her weight in felt, feathers and fabric!  If you’re looking for a hat for Ascot, get in touch and we can talk through your options, the style essentials and the look you are aiming for.  The perfect hat will take a pretty outfit and make it pretty outstanding so it’s a great investment in what is sure to be a memorable occasion to one of the most famous events on both the social and style scene this summer.  Here are some of my favourite suggestions for hats to wear to Ascot this summer, or why not enquire about having something bespoke created. That’s a style statement that you can absolutely bet on.

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View the official Royal Ascot lookbook video below 

Official dress code guide https://www.ascot.com/what-to-wearssss/royal-ascot-dress-code