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Glamour Muse Monday

On the first Monday of every month I’ve decided to run a blog called Glamour Muse Monday.  The reason for this?  To add a bit of style and sparkle to an otherwise dull start to the week.

So many people get caught up in the news, the bumper-to-bumper traffic, instant coffee and corporate grind of it all and that horrid back-to-work feeling that I wanted to add a bit of fantasy and fashion to Monday morning.

Therefore on the first Monday of every month I’ll be showcasing my favourite muses from the world of fashion (be it a modern beauty or a silver screen starlet) to talk about all things timeless.

I’m kicking off with Audrey Hepburn.  An obvious one, I know.  But it was her birthday on Friday so it seems only fit to start with her.  And if I’m going to mention Audrey Hepburn then I’m going to mention Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  And if I’m talking about Breakfast at Tiffany’s then I can only be thinking about one thing…

That. Magnificent Hat.

It’s iconic.  And for good reason too! 

Here is what I prance about wearing when I’m channeling Holly Golightly… 

"Francie'' from my new collection

'francie' blue bell wide brim hat Holly Young

Film images Paramount pictures 1961.