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3 tips for matching your earrings to your fascinator - guest blog

Fashion is all about detail. That's why Jack Jahan, from Ramsdens Jewellery, is here to share his tips for co-ordinating your earrings and your fascinator to look your best, whatever the occasion.

Whether you're attending a loved one's wedding or a special event, such as a day at the races, your formal outfit is incomplete without a stylish fascinator or hat. Your earrings and fascinator will be present in every photograph taken of you on the day, including close ups, so of course you'll want your choice of headpiece and jewellery to match.

So, below are my tips for to ensuring that the earrings and fascinator you choose complement each other to help you perfect your look.

Choose a metal that complements the colour of your fascinator

It's best to stick to precious metals as these are the easiest to wear, plus they are more durable so they can be worn again and again for other occasions. Then, you'll want to co-ordinate your colour temperatures. Silver is cool-toned, which means it works well with blues, greens, and greys. On the other hand, gold and rose gold are warm toned so they work wonderfully with pink, red, and coral headpieces. 

If you'll be wearing earrings with gems, take your style to the next level by matching the colour of the stone to a secondary colour in your fascinator or hat. If your headpiece is monotone, choose a complementary colour instead. That way, you avoid wearing too much of one hue and add depth to your outfit.

Go all out with your fascinator or earrings — not both

If your headwear is quite extravagant, it's best to select a pair of earrings that are on the simpler side to prevent your outfit from looking too busy. But, if it is going to be quite small, you can afford to go all out with your earrings and invest in an opulent pair. Finding the perfect balance will help you to look sophisticated and stylish, so it's worth considering how much you want your earrings or your fascinator to stand out and choose between the two. 

It's also a good idea to take shape into account. For example, large fascinators and hats have a clean, angular brim so you're better off choosing a pair of drop or dangle earrings that hang straight down. Small fascinators, particularly those that are extra-embellished, will be better suited to a pair of round studs. Finding similar shapes in your jewellery and accessories like this will make your overall look more cohesive and put-together, so pay attention to the lines and curves in your hats and fascinators to determine what type of earring to go for.

Choose a style and stick with it

It's important that your ensemble has a cohesive look. So, when you're picking out your headwear and earrings, make sure they have a similar style. For example, if your headdress is on the more modern side, a shiny and angular pair of silver earrings would probably be the most suitable. 

Many formal hats and fascinators are inspired by 1920s art deco and other vintage trends, so it makes sense to partner up with earrings inspired by the same decade. By shopping vintage jewellery collections, you can even find originals from the time that have lasted due to their high precious metal content — perfect for matching to your headwear.

If you're unsure which style to go for, a pair of pearl or diamond studs are a very classy option that suit all ages and skin tones. Plus, they can be worn with almost anything, so they're sure to suit your whole outfit no matter if it's vintage or modern.

Getting the little things right is important if you want to achieve a polished look, and the tips in this guide can help you determine which earrings to wear with a fascinator to your next big event.

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