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Style with Sustainability - Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

Style with Sustainability: Supporting Surfers Against Sewage 

The ocean has always been really important to me. Perhaps because I have grown up in Cornwall or simply because of the importance of the sea for me emotionally and creatively. The coast is almost always the inspiration behind my collections. The beauty of nature and the boundlessness of the tide, I have wanted to do something to raise money and awareness of the mother wave for a long time. 

Sure, I’ve done beach cleans and supported local endeavors but I wanted to actively get the message out there and put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. To support the sea.Did you know that 80% of all life is found beneath the ocean’s surface and oceans hold an estimated 80% of the Earth’s mineral resources? Also, more than half the oxygen we breathe each day is produced by the ocean. Here are some sobering facts about the current state of our oceans…

 Global fish stocks are down 90% compared with 50 years ago

 We dump 8 million metric tons of plastic into our ocean. It is estimated that by 2050 ocean plastic will outweigh ocean fish

 A high percentage of plastic pollution comes from the fashion industry with more than 700,000
microfibres washed into our waterways with every single wash load

 Ocean pollution affects more than 817 animal species around the world. This figure has increased by 23% in the past 5 years

 There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. 269,000 tons of that float on the surface
with some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea

 Ocean pollution kills more than one million sea birds each year

 Over 100,000 marine animals die every year from plastic entanglement and ingestion

 Approximately one truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute

 The plastic in the ocean takes 400 years to decompose

I applaud the work of local Cornish charity, Surfers Against Sewage, a grassroots charity that started out in Porthtowan wanting to change the state of the local beaches and reduce sewage in the sea. Fun fact, my brother Tim actually did work experience for Surfers Against Sewage when he was 14. He was so good at drawing they let him design the front cover of their magazine, Pipeline. Over 30 years after they started out, Surfers Against Sewage are leading voices in marine conservation and environmental education and as they have said “plastic is the new sewage”.

My new collection The Carne Collection was created on Carne Beach, playing with my son,exploring rockpools and searching forocean creatures. It made me really think about the state of our oceans and what that means for the next generation. It’s a global emergency and we need to act now more than ever. The new collection has been inspired by childhood memories and those magical beach days as a family. I know that I want Kellan to have these experiences, as a child and perhaps one day as a parent. I want to preserve and protect the ocean for our children and their children to follow. In my lifetime alone I have watched the greed, consumption and consequences for our planet and areas of natural beauty as every greenbelt gets built upon and the plastic piles up.

I am passionate about turning the tide and choosingchange rather than being complicit by standing by and doing nothing. Because of this I will be donating 10% of all profits of The Carne Collection to Surfers Against Sewage to support the work that they do. This way, my customers will be able to purchase ocean-inspired accessories that make a tangible difference.

As for my own practices, I can say hand on heart, I’m not perfect. But I’m getting there and improving day-by-day, month by month and minute by minute. I’m continuously looking for materials that are more sustainable and ethical. I’m a small maker working independently, no outsourcing, no factories. I believe in buying less but buying better – ethical fashion sustainably made. Throwaway fashion is such a waste - literally. For me it’s about investment pieces to treasure and heirlooms to hand down. Thoughtful gifts that have meaning and environmental responsibility at their heart.

I no longer use plastics in my new collections apart from my veils which are nylon (I am seeking alternatives for this). My hat material is made from a natural material that originates from banana plant fibre and I’ve moved to environmentally friendly packaging which I'll be improving even further in 2022. I hope I can soon be completely plastic free in my business and find eco-friendly alternatives for my veils as part of this.

So here is to The Carne Collection. To raising awareness of our beautiful ocean, supporting great causes such as Surfers Against Sewage and leaving a legacy for our children. A cleaner planet, a kinder planet and more conscientious fashion collections. You can view The Carne Collection and donate to Surfers Against Sewage here.

Love Holly x