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New Millinery Collection for 2024

Introducing my enchanting new millinery collection, 'Sweet Whispers'.

Designed to empower and charm, this collection features a delightful choice of hats, halo head bands and veils perfect for your special occasions. Embracing sculptural elements with a playful and whimsical touch, each piece is meticulously crafted to add a touch of magic to your ensemble.

Adorned with pearls, butterflies and bows my 'Sweet Whispers' collection embodies elegance and grace. Comfortable to wear all day with versatility in mind.

Embrace your confident self and let your style whisper sweet nothings to the world...

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Images by Mox Magna

Photography assistant: Tom Beaumont

Models: Mia Gorringe and Gabrielle Mia

Styling Assistants: Sarah Mantell-Roperts and Edies Doodles

Outfits: Bishop Philopotts Boutique, Falmouth University and Asos