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New Jewellery Collection

Discover My New Eco Jewellery Collection: 'Pendower' Inspired by my local seascape

I am delighted to introduce my latest eco jewellery collection, inspired by the serene beauty of the sea and the ethereal charm of clouds. This unique line features pieces made from MSC-certified wood and freshwater pearls, blending natural elegance with sustainable craftsmanship. Each item in the collection embodies the tranquil essence of nature, designed to bring a touch of organic beauty to your everyday style.

Being from Cornwall, natural sea scapes have always fascinated me. The gentle ebb and flow of the ocean waves at my local Pendower beach and the soft, ever-changing shapes of clouds juxtaposed against jagged rocks and colourful wild flowers, inspired me to create jewellery that captures these elements. The result is an uplifting collection that reflects the harmony and grace of nature, perfect for those who appreciate fun, eco-conscious fashion.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is at the core of this collection. Each piece is crafted from MSC-certified wood, ensuring that the materials are sourced responsibly and support the health of our oceans. Complementing the wood are beautiful freshwater pearls, which add a touch of timeless sophistication. These materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the jewellery but also contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Visit Trelissick Gardens Gallery

I'm thrilled to share that this new eco jewellery collection is now available to view at Cornwall Craft Association’s Trelissick Gardens Gallery. Nestled within the stunning surroundings of the National Trust site, the gallery provides the perfect backdrop to experience the natural inspiration behind each piece. Visit to see the collection up close and discover how each item can add a touch of nature's beauty to your jewellery collection which are displayed along side my occasion wear hats and feather headbands.

Join the Movement

By choosing jewellery from this collection, you’re not only embracing a unique and stylish accessory but also supporting sustainable practices and responsible sourcing. Join me in celebrating natural beauty while making a positive impact on the environment.